Maintaining Accreditation Standards with Online Exam Delivery via Remote Proctoring

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For any high-stakes testing program, there’s no better way to validate your credibility than the full approval of accrediting bodies. In this video, you’ll hear directly from high-stakes exam owners in the technology and food safety fields about how they successfully navigated brand-new accreditation processes in their move from in-person to online exam delivery. Larry Lynch, Senior Vice President of Certification and Operations with the National Restaurant Association, and Jeff Frisk, Director with GIAC, outline some of the accreditation and academic integrity challenges they overcame with the help of Meazure Learning (formerly ProctorU) as they transitioned from a brick-and-mortar delivery model to a remotely proctored modality.


Larry Lynch, Senior Vice President of Certification and Operations, NRA
Jeff Frisk, Director, GIAC


Speaker: Jeff Frisk

For our accreditation, we also have to do comparisons between remote proctoring and brick-and-mortar proctoring or whatnot. And we haven’t seen any material difference at all.


Speaker: Larry Lynch

It’s not as though we woke up one day and say that we’re just going to throw out this new, remote proctoring program and life is going to be good. That accreditation process to me more than anything else, it just speaks volumes on the integrity of exactly what it is that we’re doing.

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