How the Remote Proctoring Modality Compares to Test Center Delivery in High Stakes Exams

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There’s a decades-long debate about the performance comparability of in-person versus remotely proctored testing, and it was renewed with fervor during the swift transition to fully remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the high-stakes testing programs in this video put remote proctoring to the test during the last 18 months, they learned that not only did their test-taker success markers compare to those of previous brick-and-mortar modalities – they improved incrementally. Hear Larry Lynch, Senior Vice President of Certification and Operations with National Restaurant Association, Jeff Frisk, Director with GIAC, and Faisel Alam, Manager of the Office of Test Security for Law School Admissions Council as they directly compare their program’s experiences with in-person testing versus live remote proctoring with ProctorU, and share how online testing added value to their test-takers’ performance, user experience, and satisfaction.


Larry Lynch, Senior Vice President of Certification and Operations, NRA
Faisel Alam, Manager of Test Security, LSAC
Jeff Frisk, Director, GIAC


Speaker: Larry Lynch

Our exam team called me and said, “Hey great news, we’ve just discovered that there are no comparability issues, that these exams work well together.” And I think it continues to build the case for the integrity of the program.


Speaker: Faisel Alam

Overall if we compare a full year of the pre-COVID LSAT to a full year of LSAT’s online model, we saw an average score increase of about .9 points.


Speaker: Jeff Frisk

We were very comfortable in our brick-and-mortar testing center approach. When we dissect things and look at it, in-person testing or remote proctored testing, we haven’t really seen any noticeable difference. It’s something that’s enabled us to maintain business continuity throughout the pandemic.

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