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Guardian Browser

Where the Remote Testing Experience Begins

Guardian is a secure internet browser that connects test-takers to their ProctorU proctoring sessions across all service lines – Live+, Review+, and Record+.

Providing More of What You Need in Remote Proctoring

Guardian works alongside the ProctorU Platform to provide enhanced security, streamline the remote testing experience, and make proctoring sessions more equitable for all test-takers.

Enhanced Security

Security is paramount to our remote proctoring platform. When test-takers connect to their proctoring session, the Guardian Browser works in the background to protect your exam and safeguard your test-takers’ privacy. It secures the virtual environment by locking down each test-taker’s computer according to settings configured by exam administrators and continually checked throughout the exam.

Streamlined Experience

Studies show that a smooth testing experience improves test-taker performance. The Guardian Browser simplifies the exam launch process, minimizes friction with test-takers, and optimizes testing performance.

Equitable Testing Sessions

Testing is intended to be fair and equitable for all test-takers. The additional layers of security and focus on user experience in the Guardian Browser helps level the playing field for all test-takers by bolstering exam integrity and improving accessibility.

Why Do You Need a Secure Browser for Online Testing?

Did you know there are different kinds of secure browsers for different use cases, each with its own set of limitations and advantages? Read 3 ways your program or institution can benefit from a secure browser.

Features & Functionality That Were Built to Protect & Designed for Ease

Test-Taker Features

Guardian functions like other internet browsers you’re familiar with, so it can be used even when not connected to a ProctorU session.

  • Full internet browsing capabilities
  • Quick link buttons to initiate a support chat
  • Quick access to ProctorU Platform help articles
  • Downloadable and deletable, like any other application on your computer

Computer and Browser Controls Available to Exam Administrators

When a test-taker is connected to a ProctorU session, Guardian locks down the testing computer functionality based on settings controlled by exam owners and performs continuous checks against those settings throughout the entire exam:

  • Copy and paste functions
  • Screenshot functions
  • Printing function
  • Browser window size
  • Browser tabs
  • URL allowlists
  • Virtual machine detection
  • Screen recording capabilities
  • Application blocklist
  • Process blocklist

What Clients Say About the Guardian Browser

“Guardian is amazing! It worked seamlessly … and was very reliable.”


Royal College of Dentists of Canada

Guardian Browser Now Supporting All ProctorU Service Lines

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