Item Writing & Analysis

Create valid and reliable items that perform better.

High-quality, high-performing items require expertise to craft and manage. They can also be one of your most valuable assets. Our item writing and analysis experts ensure every item on your exam is performing at its best.

Everything You Need in Item Creation and Banking

Unlock choice with traditional and innovative item-writing solutions.

Sometimes you need more than traditional item types to reach your assessment goals. When that happens, our team has you covered. We’re experienced in creating innovative item types that ensure your exam competencies are accurately assessed.

Choose a partner – not a gatekeeper.

Your exam content is your property, so you have full access to it 24/7. No need to request permission. No black box. And no more wasted time.

Say goodbye to publishing fees.

Make changes to your item bank as you see fit. And because we don’t have publishing fees, you can spend the money you saved on other parts of your program.

Customize your item bank.

We help you customize your item bank hierarchy through workflow management. And if your item bank is fully integrated with the Meazure Exam Platform, you don’t need to export items to another platform.

Translate your items with ease.

By translating your item bank, you can serve new test-takers and help your organization grow.

Save time and resources with automatic item generation.

Our AIG tool, Itematic, can help your SMEs create dozens of items from one stem, decreasing the cost and time of item generation.

“Our item discrimination and our difficult values are the strongest that this exam program has ever seen.”

—Dan Garcia, Executive Director, CARB-TCMPA 

Creating Quality Items That Align with Your Test Blueprint

Writing strategic items can lay the foundation of your exam. It’s a science that many test developers like to keep secret. But we prefer to teach our clients this crucial step so they can be confident in their own work – and ours. This guide explores our item development process and strategies. 

Key Benefits

Expertise You Can Lean on a Little or a Lot
Guided Training Workshops for Your SMEs
Transparent Reporting and Analysis to Ensure Item Effectiveness

Optimize your items.

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