Frequently Asked Questions

Exam Delivery Solutions

We want to make your life easier. That’s why we provide remote, test center, hybrid, and event-based delivery solutions. Each modality combines human and advanced security measures to ensure your content is protected and your test-takers have a flexible, seamless exam experience.

Yes, you can use any of our exam proctoring or delivery solutions at the facility of your choice. Our technology-agnostic approach prioritizes interoperability and flexibility so you can test in the way that works best for your unique needs.

Hybrid delivery, often called multimodal testing, gives test-takers the freedom to choose their preferred delivery option. They can choose to take their exam at one of our secure test centers, or they can choose to test remotely, often from the comfort of their home or office.

Hybrid delivery offers the best of both worlds for you and your test takers. Administrators get the assurance of test security and consistency across our Meazure Learning Test Center Network. And test-takers get the flexibility and convenience to test wherever and whenever they choose. This flexible approach to testing extends your reach, expands your markets, and opens new opportunities for your organization.

Yes, we do offer event-based testing. This delivery solution gives organizations the ability to certify test-takers en masse, wherever they’re congregated (e.g., conferences, training sessions, other industry events).

Yes, our proctoring solution (the ProctorU Proctoring Platform) is tech-agnostic. It’s integrated with all major learning management systems (LMSs) and exam drivers, including the Meazure Exam Platform, PASS, Connect, and ADE. We also offer API and custom integrations.

Remote Proctoring for Online Exam Delivery

We’ve spent decades working to balance exam security with test-taker experience. To ensure a level playing field, there are some technical steps our platform and proctors must take. Review this support article to see a full explanation of what to expect on exam day. Our security procedures and processes are consistently evaluated and updated based on new technology and cheating patterns.

We have a couple of options available for you to choose from, including public records challenge questions (where available) and keystroke biometrics. We can also use ID capture and facial comparison to verify the test-taker. If any of our technology solutions detect a potential mismatch in test-taker identity, our human proctors are alerted (if you’re using our Live+ or Review+ service) and can ignore the alert, override the alert, or take other action. If you’re using our Record+ service, the test administrator is alerted to determine whether further action is needed.

Our proctors look for potentially unusual behavior, such as a test-taker looking off-screen, accessing unpermitted materials, speaking aloud, or allowing other people in the room. Additionally, we use technology solutions to assist the proctors in identifying activities that may warrant further investigation.

During a Live+ exam, a proctor controls the mouse of a test-taker’s computer and can communicate with that test-taker through the webcam. If suspicious behavior is detected, an intervention specialist will be invited to the session. Their sole responsibility is to identify and prevent integrity violations, as defined by your organization.

Our professional proctors review every exam session, so you don’t have to. We then provide you with a report of any sessions that need your attention.

Yes. All videos are retained for up to a year unless a shorter or longer period is specially requested. We even have a feature called “Live Look-In,” which allows you to watch your test-takers in real time as they complete exams.

No. Test-takers must agree to give us permission to see their computer activity. In every session, the list of permissions granted is displayed and test-takers must click a button to agree. Proctor activity can be seen by test-takers in real time, meaning proctors cannot perform any action without the test-takers’ knowledge.

Sometimes a test-taker may start and end their exam with a different proctor. This is because of lunch breaks and shift changes. The test-taker is not interrupted by the change and is never left unwatched.

Depending on the parameters set by the test provider or institution, we can do several things, all of which are disclosed to the test-taker before the test starts. We can use an application to lock down access to the internet or other computer files during the test. This application prevents unauthorized access to the test-taker’s computer during the test and doesn’t affect the user’s device after the test ends. We may also use video and audio recordings during the test. With our Live+ solution, these recordings are monitored in real time to identify any violations of the institution’s testing parameters.

Test Center Delivery/Administration

The Meazure Learning Test Center Network offers more than 1,500 test sites in 115 countries. In the top 100 most-populated cities, 98% of test-takers live or work within 15 miles of a Meazure Learning test center.

We administer professional certification and licensing exams for a wide variety of professional associations and government agencies. Many of the exams are related to healthcare, business, safety professionals, design, engineering, etc.

Our online scheduling system is very flexible. Each site determines its own testing dates and offers a minimum of 2-5 testing days per month. Some sites offer more availability. Exam times are scheduled in 4-hour blocks of time, and although most exams take less than 4 hours to complete, some exams require 6 to 8 hours.

We require a government-issued photo ID with a signature for all exams.

There is no extensive setup required, and your center can become operational within a few days. Test-takers can register for an exam at your site as soon as you create your schedule. The proctor training and assessment process takes about 90 minutes to complete.

Most exams offer immediate scoring feedback. In those cases, we ask our sites to print test-taker results. Some exams, however, require scores to be mailed later. In those instances, test-takers receive a message when they submit the exam letting them know when the scores will be issued. 

Psychometric and Exam Development Services

Psychometrics is the science related to the development of valid and reliable assessments. Put more simply, psychometric services help ensure that the tests you develop will help give you the intended results (e.g., passing and failing the correct people).

One word: communication. All members of our team are excellent communicators. We are passionate about demystifying the exam process, and we work with our clients to ensure they fully understand the services we provide. We are transparent, flexible, and easy to work with.

Many organizations hire us to conduct psychometric audits, which range from informal to fully documented. Our audits are based on applicable standards, such as the National Commission of Certifying Agencies (NCCA) Standards, the ISO 17024 Standards, and the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing.

We host hundreds of test development meetings per year in virtual, in-person, and hybrid modalities. This work involves subject-matter experts (SMEs) from a range of fields and professions. Our test developers and psychometricians are all excellent facilitators who help clients meet their goals while treating their SMEs with respect.

Our psychometric team includes several experts in industrial-organizational psychology who specialize in these types of projects—whether they’re job analyses, job task analyses, practice analyses, or competency development. We offer several adaptive and flexible approaches based on our organization’s needs.

We have several bilingual staff members who work in English and Canadian French. Most of our work is done in English, but we also conduct dozens of bilingual or French projects on an annual basis.

Yes! Among the great test security processes that we offer, data forensics is one of them. This complimentary service is meant to detect unusual examination response behaviors that can indicate test misconduct. Although the statistical processes are complex, our team ensures that you can interpret and explain the results to stakeholders.

Special Exam Needs

We work with exams that have complex requirements all the time. For remotely proctored exams, our ProctorU Proctoring Platform Live+ service offers additional levels of customization and specialized proctor training for things like exam start procedures, security measures, and test-taker interaction rules. For exams delivered at a test center, we provide a secure environment and in-person observation.

For remotely proctored exams, we rely on our vast network of certified proctors and support staff (1,400 professionals across 8 countries) to deliver scalable and reliable service. We use historical information and technology solutions to help us determine headcount, training, and other logistical needs. For in-person exams, we use our extensive network of global test center sites (1,500 sites across 115 countries).

For in-person testing, sites receive at least two weeks’ notice of any approved accommodations. If a site cannot accommodate a specific request, we work with the test-taker directly to coordinate an alternative delivery method. Proctor fees are adjusted accordingly for exams requiring additional time. For remotely proctored exams, accommodations are easier to handle because test-takers can be assessed in a familiar environment and with familiar equipment.

While our default exam language is English, we provide services in several other languages with advance notice. For remotely proctored exams, we use Geo Fluent software for accurate interpretation and communication through our chat feature, which provides a consistent experience for proctors and test-takers. We also have Spanish- and French-speaking proctors that can conduct a live launch and answer questions. Live remote proctoring in languages other than English, French, or Spanish can be provided through the ProctorU Pro Solutions team for an additional fee. Pro Solutions is used for unique language situations, for security reasons, or when a communication issue requires an accommodation.

The Meazure Exam Platform is multilingual and supports exams in English and French. Our PASS exam delivery platform offers login and instruction information in 9 languages, while exams are available only in English, unless a form has been translated.

Compliance and Privacy

Privacy and data security are always top of mind for us. Laws are changing quickly in this area around the world, and we’re constantly enhancing our policies and practices to ensure we’re protecting our users’ information and adhering to applicable privacy laws. Please see our compliance page for additional details on our privacy commitments.

Test-takers can review our privacy policy at any time and see when it was last updated. We also communicate our privacy practices to test-takers when they set up an account with us. When test-takers begin an online exam session, we provide them with specific disclosures about the information that will be collected during their test session and how that information will be used and shared.

Our main responsibility to clients and test-takers is to ensure fairness and integrity in the testing process, regardless of delivery modality. For remotely proctored exams, we use technology to verify test-taker identity and ensure the testing environment is fair for everyone.

No. We only use the data captured before and during test sessions to conduct online assessment. As our privacy policy states, we do not use any test-taker’s personal information for any purpose other than for facilitating the proctoring of online exams.

The proctoring session data are stored in US-based encrypted servers (AES 256). The screen recordings and webcam audio/video are accessible to the institution for a period determined by the institution but are automatically deleted, per NIST 800-88 guidelines, after one year.

No. The information and recordings belong to the testing organization, and we act as a service provider. We don’t own the data; the testing organization does. We don’t sell or otherwise monetize any data from test-takers, and we never market to test-takers or allow any of our partners to do so.

Once the LogMeIn applet is closed, the proctor and Meazure Learning are no longer able to access the computer or any information on the computer.

You can review the details of our privacy policy at any time.

Technical Details

If you have a specific interest in how our offerings can work for your organization, contact us and someone from our team will connect with you as soon as possible.

Our technologies integrate with all major LMSs, including Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, D2L, and more, with the option to use our API for custom integrations. We can also help you find a test delivery system if you’re transitioning your program online from paper-based exams.

Our system flags and timestamps events in an easy-to-read timeline that allows proctors and test administrators to click on a time and be taken to that moment in the exam recording.

Our technology simply reduces administrative workload and helps our human proctors identify activities that might violate the test provider’s integrity requirements. Our proctoring platform does not rely on AI or automation; it relies on human expertise. To protect against the inaccuracies created by technology, which is known to result in bias, every exam session is reviewed by at least two highly trained professionals, who analyze the session before submitting suspected and confirmed incidents to the testing organization.

Technical and administrative support is available 24/7 through multiple channels:

Company Information

We have roughly 320 full-time staff. Additionally, we employ 1,400 staff for proctoring and support. Due to exam volume fluctuation, this number varies depending on the day and month.

We’re based in Birmingham, Alabama, with additional offices in Pleasanton, California; Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario; Edmonton, Alberta; and Raleigh, North Carolina.

We united as one company to deliver end-to-end testing solutions that are designed specifically to meet the demands of the higher-ed and professional testing markets. Our full suite of customizable solutions, including four exam delivery options, gives test-takers and exam owners the most convenient, secure, and fair testing experience on the market.

Everywhere! We employ nearly 2,000 people in several business offices and multiple global operating centers across nine countries.