Exam Proctoring

You deserve a choice in proctoring modalities.

When it comes to exam delivery and proctoring modalities, you need the flexibility to choose the best method for you and your test-takers. Our experience covers all the bases: remote proctoring, test center proctoring, event-based proctoring, and a hybrid combination, often called multimodal exam delivery.

Setting the Bar in Exam Proctoring

Meazure Learning securely delivers and proctors millions of higher education and professional credentialing exams yearly through remote, in-person, or hybrid administrations. Our proctoring and exam security experts play a significant role in setting industry standards for remote and test center processes and procedures.

Remote Proctoring

Offered through our industry-leading ProctorU Platform, paired with the Guardian Browser, and powered by the world’s largest network of certified remote proctoring and support staff.

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Test Center Proctoring

Provided by certified proctors and test administration professionals at more than 1,400 sites in 110 countries. Capable of managing internet-based tests and paper-and-pencil tests.

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Hybrid Proctoring

Offered to test-takers in both remote exam environments and global test center sites. A truly integrated multimodal solution with global reach, convenience, and scale.

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Event-Based Proctoring

Provided to test-takers at organized gatherings, like annual meetings or conferences. Requires only a location with sufficient internet connectivity, making it convenient and efficient.

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