Our Story

It all starts with the right partner.

Meazure Learning was founded to help you educate, train, and certify test-takers as conveniently, securely, and equitably as possible. We provide a full suite of solutions to help you develop, deliver, and analyze exams so you can meet your goals. When you partner with us, you gain access to our full-service test centers as well as remote proctoring services, psychometrics, and a global team of trained professionals who have spent decades pairing best-in-class technology with professional expertise to deliver flexible testing solutions that give your organization and test-takers more choice than ever.

The professionals at Meazure Learning are driven by a single vision:

“To provide life-long learners across the globe the freedom to pursue their academic dreams and career aspirations safely, securely, and conveniently.” 

Our History: 20+ Years of Testing Industry Experience

Meazure Learning was established when testing industry giants ProctorU and Yardstick joined forces in 2020. Our goal is to better serve both our higher-ed and professional testing clients by creating the most comprehensive and transformative full-service online test development and delivery solution on the market.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a rapid increase in demand for secure remote proctoring solutions. Today, institutions and exam program owners want to provide their test-takers the choice of taking exams remotely or in a traditional test center. To meet the rising need for that hybrid or multi-model delivery solution, Meazure Learning acquired Scantron’s Certification and Licensure business in 2022. With this addition, Meazure Learning’s global footprint now includes 17 offices in 8 countries, a test center network of 1,500+ locations in 115 countries and the largest certified proctor and support workforce in the world.    

We’ve made it a company-wide priority to transparently communicate with our clients, listen to feedback, and further improve our products and services so that we can help you optimize your testing program, test-taker experience, and organizational goals. We are committed to helping you educate, train, and certify test-takers as securely and equitably as possible.

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