Test Center Exam Proctoring

Provide a consistent testing experience.

Our top priorities are clear: protect your exam’s integrity in a secure, comfortable testing environment that empowers test-takers to perform their best.

A Growing Global Test Center Network

The Meazure Learning Test Center Network offers more than 1,400 test sites in 110 countries – and growing! Our network is scalable to fit the needs of our clients, and 98% of test-takers in the top 100 most-populated cities live or work within 15 miles of a Meazure Learning test center. See a list of all test site locations.

Highly Qualified Proctors

Our test center proctors are skilled at administering high-stakes tests and complete extensive training to become certified Meazure Learning proctors. Once certified, our proctors receive additional training if quality standards are not met and recertify annually.

Ongoing Proctor & Test Site Auditing

We use a structured secret shopper program and keep a close watch on test-taker satisfaction surveys to identify areas for improvement and ensure our standards for proctoring and test site administration are upheld.

Test Site Security You Can Rely On

We make sure you and your test-takers start on the right foot with useful communication and training materials. Learn more about some of our support offerings.

Candidate Services That Promote Success

Our goal is to ensure our test-takers are as prepared as they can be when they arrive at a test center. Visit our test center program resources to learn more about current programs offered within our test center network, a specific organization’s exam, or available practice exams to help you prepare.

Test Center Access

Our test sites have limited and monitored access, so only qualified individuals can gain admittance to the facility. Many of our test sites also have video monitoring and recording capabilities.

Standard Policies & Procedures

Our test center personnel follow strict policies and procedures for test-taker check-in, identity verification, seating, exam launch, breaks, exam submission, and checkout. We don’t allow unpermitted materials in the testing room, and we collect all distributed exam materials, such as dry erase boards, before test-takers leave the site.

Active Monitoring

Proctors are always vigilant and maintain a direct line of sight on test-takers while they’re inside the facility. We employ multilayered, comprehensive tactics to prevent cheating and follow detailed protocols to handle any suspicious or disruptive behaviors.

Technology Assistance

All computers in each test center use lockdown browser software to prevent test-takers from accessing resources and functionality outside the test delivery system.

Internet-Based Test Drivers

Our exam drivers, including the Meazure Exam Platform and the PASS Exam Delivery System, are internet-based. That means test-takers and administrators don’t download any exam content to a computer, greatly reducing the threat of content theft.

Incident Reporting

Proctors immediately address any unusual, disruptive, or unwarranted activity by a test-taker. In the event of an exam incident, our proctors follow a detailed procedure to address, document, and report the incident to the client in a timely manner.

Test Center Management Team

When you deliver exams through the Meazure Learning Test Center Network, you get a team of testing coordinators who are highly experienced in high-stakes test administration and dedicated to your success. They maintain test center quality standards, prepare the network for upcoming exam windows, and ensure all test center staff are adequately trained and equipped for your exams.

Test-Taker Satisfaction

We aim to provide all test-takers with a positive experience, and we carefully monitor our satisfaction surveys to ensure we’re delivering. On average, 98% of test-takers are satisfied with our customer service, 97% are satisfied with the test center scheduling process, and 98% are satisfied with their test center proctor.

A Secure, Amenable Testing Environment

We pride ourselves on the consistency and quality of our testing facilities. All sites are continually monitored against our high standards for security, proper room size, ventilation, accessible restroom facilities within the test center, and noise control.

Accommodations Handling

We do our best to fulfill accommodations requests for those with special testing needs. We’ll work closely with test program administrators and site managers to find a solution that works for each test-taker.

Flexibility in Delivery Methods

While the majority of exams we deliver today are computer-based, our test site administrators also have the experience and expertise to administer paper-based exams.

Key Benefits

24/7/365 Service
Consistent Brick-and-Mortar Testing Experience
Extensive Exam Security Protocols

Leverage Our Vast Test Center Network

Securely deliver your exams in person.