Detect proxy testing, cheating, and content theft.

Set your test-takers up for success with the Goldilocks of online proctoring solutions. Perfect for low- or mid-stakes exams, Review+ offers a live-proctored launch and post-session validation from our certified proctors. But that’s not all. Because we investigate suspicious behavior for you and provide robust incident reporting should you choose to act, you can feel confident that your exam integrity is always secure.

What You Can Expect with Review+

Connect Through the Guardian Browser

Test-takers connect to their proctoring session through our secure browser. Guardian secures the virtual environment by locking down each test-taker’s computer according to settings configured by exam administrators.

Exam Launch with a Live Proctor

Live proctors guide test-takers through exam launch, multifactor identity verification, and environment security scans so unpermitted materials can be removed before the exam.

Automated Monitoring Paired with Human Review and Validation

The ProctorU Platform was built to assist proctors, not replace them. During a Review+ session, the platform detects and flags patterns of suspicious activity, but an incident report is not created unless a certified proctor reviews the situation and confirms that the activity is not allowed in your exam rules.


Exam Recordings Reviewed by a Professional Proctor

All exam sessions are recorded and reviewed by our professional proctors. Any potential violations are flagged, investigated, and documented in the incident center. Allowing our team to review all sessions takes that burden off your team, giving you more time for other responsibilities.

Timely Incident Reporting

If an incident occurs during a session and is validated by a professional proctor, you will receive a queue of sessions to review. The incident report includes documented notes detailing the situation, a video recording of the test-taker, a screen recording, and chat logs.

Exam Analytics Report Dashboard 

Administrators have access to intuitive, role-based dashboards to see the status of any exam or test-taker they want to review at any time. 

Sessions Available in Real Time

Administrators also have the option of viewing live exam videos, which can be watched and rewound without interrupting the session. 

Live Chat Tech Support for Test-Takers

If test-takers need assistance before or during an exam, they will have access to our full tech support in an easy-to-use chat feature.

LMS and Test Driver Integrations

The ProctorU Proctoring Platform is integrated with leading LMSs — Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, and D2L — and several test drivers.

To see a full list of integrations, review our Meazure Valued PartnersNote that custom integrations may require an additional investment depending on the level of development work required. 

Key Benefits of All Proctoring Service Lines

Human Review and Validation at Every Level
Integration with Standard LMSs and Custom Test Drivers
Dedicated Account or Program Team
Proctoring Consistency
Free Technical Support
Guaranteed User Satisfaction
Unparalleled Uptime
Quality Assurance Session Auditing

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