How ProctorU Live Remote Proctoring Measures Up Against Key Security Concerns

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Knowing that your testing modality is secure is critical to the credibility of any testing program. Hear from high-stakes test owners Larry Lynch, Senior Vice President of Certification and Operations with National Restaurant Association; Jeff Frisk, Director with GIAC; Ray Nicosia, Executive Director of ETS’s Office of Testing Integrity; and Faisel Alam, Manager of the Office of Test Security for Law School Admissions Council, as they discuss the ways that ProctorU live remote proctoring interrupts integrity breaches in real time, provides crucial test-taker data and video to the credentialing body, and protects their programs’ credibility in ways that would be impossible with in-person testing modalities.  They’ll also give you real-world examples of how human-centered, tech-enabled proctoring solutions helped their programs avoid the many-fold problems associated with artificial intelligence (AI), like false cheating flags, bias, and data overload.


Jeff Frisk, Director, GIAC
Ray Nicosia, Executive Director of the Office of Testing Integrity at ETS
Faisel Alam, Manager of Test Security, LSAC
Larry Lynch, Senior VP, Certification and Operations, NRA


Speaker: Jeff Frisk

We’re heavily focused on security and having recorded videos and the room pans and things like that. Live proctors versus AI or some computer-based algorithm or after the fact proctors, so that if something weird is going on they can stop the candidate


Speaker: Ray Nicosia

It really helps eliminate some of the forms of cheating, some of the more ugly forms.


Speaker: Faisel Alam

What we’ve been able to do is utilize the live proctoring to help us avoid some of the issues that are associated with AI bias. Live proctoring is certainly harder and more expensive, but it’s worth it for us.


Speaker: Larry Lynch

The fact that we get data back now that really positively identifies issues of questionable integrity, it allows us to do the due diligence that we have to do to make sure that the candidates are getting the follow up on all the kinds of follow up that we have that we can’t always do in a paper-and-pencil environment.

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