How Live Remote Proctoring Scales to a Global & Diverse Audience for High-Stakes Credentials

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Live remote proctoring enables any testing program to meet their test-takers exactly where they are – on their schedule, in their home, and at their leisure. For national and global credentialing programs and their diverse test-takers, this flexibility is absolutely crucial. In this video, both Larry Lynch, Senior Vice President of Certification and Operations with National Restaurant Association, and Faisel Alam, Manager of the Office of Test Security for Law School Admissions Council, discuss how remote testing with Meazure Learning (formerly ProctorU) not only met but also exceeded their expectations in terms of scalability, flexibility, reach, and equity. Join these two program owners as they share how they leveraged live remote proctoring to meet their testing goals during a pandemic, boost user experience and satisfaction by vastly improving scheduling windows, increase their overall testing numbers, and better serve test-takers who represent traditionally underrepresented groups.


Larry Lynch, Senior Vice President of Certification and Operations, NRA
Faisel Alam, Manager of Test Security, LSAC


Speaker: Larry Lynch

That ability to be convenient, be where people were, and begin to shift to a more technologically-driven solution made sense for us. And of course the pandemic took us from – let’s begin to work through this slowly to accelerating that process pretty quickly.


Speaker: Faisel Alam

Because we were able to pivot very quickly and go into an online testing model, what we ended up seeing is instead of a 10% drop in applicants, we actually saw a 1.5% increase in overall. And traditionally underrepresented groups saw big increases as well. We saw African American applicants were up by 2.5%, Hispanic/Latino applicants were up 4%.

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