High-Stakes Credential Owners Discuss Test-Taker Satisfaction with Live Remote Proctoring

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Convenience, integrity, and customer service are all key indicators of how well online proctoring is working for your test-takers. And all are crucial satisfaction markers for any testing program. In this video, high-stakes exam owners Larry Lynch, Senior Vice President of Certification and Operations with National Restaurant Association; Jeff Frisk, Director with GIAC; and Ray Nicosia, Executive Director of ETS’s Office of Testing Integrity, discuss how their test-takers have grown used to and even started to enjoy the flexibility and convenience of online test-taking. They also share the ways that reliable, secure technology and support can lead to record-high levels of test-taker satisfaction.  


Larry Lynch, Senior Vice President of Certification and Operations, NRA
Ray Nicosia, Executive Director of the Office of Testing Integrity at ETS
Jeff Frisk, Director of GAIC


Speaker: Larry Lynch

What we’re seeing is good, the technology works. Obviously the customer service teams on your end and my end communicate well. And I think the most important thing that we hear from test-takers is the convenience part. It really came down to the integrity and the support and the work that you guys did.


Speaker: Ray Nicosia

The satisfaction is very high. One of our testing programs used to be ten times a year, paper-based. But now we take it 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. We have people who are students who like taking tests at night, we have people that don’t want to take off work during the day, we have no issues getting into a crowded test center. People can take the test at their leisure, around their schedule.


Speaker: Jeff Frisk

ProctorU has been a great partner, and here we are a year and half later or so since we initially introduced remote proctoring. It’s been something that our candidates have really grown used to and that’s a real benefit.

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