Helping Deliver a Customized Testing Program for a Non-Traditional Student Body: A Case Study About Thomas Edison State University

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Thomas Edison State University (TESU) was founded in 1972 as one of the first institutions in the country designed to serve the needs of adult learners. TESU currently provides around 10,000 students with degree programs, certifications, and other self-directed learning opportunities in over 100 areas of study.

TESU delivers 95% of its exams online. All areas of study can be completed entirely online, except for nursing-related programs and their required clinical exams.

The Challenge

When TESU first partnered with Meazure Learning over a decade ago, they were searching for an experienced vendor with a customized, supportive approach to TESU’s unique semester format and non-traditional student body. To build a successful solution, Meazure Learning had to consider three main challenges.

A non-traditional student body

  • The demographic is older than traditional college students.
  • Many have full-time jobs and family obligations while pursuing their degrees.
  • Many are less tech-savvy than the average test-taker.

A unique semester structure

  • A new term starts on the first Monday of every month.
  • Three terms run simultaneously.

A heavy administrative workload

  • 95% of exams are delivered online.
  • Most TESU students test when the university is closed and administrators are not available.
  • Administration need to rely heavily on oversight and 24/7 support from their proctoring partner.

The Solution

To strike the perfect balance of exam security, scheduling flexibility, and active support needed for their unique requirements, TESU chose to utilize the Live+ proctoring service line for all online exams. Our Live+ service line uses certified and highly trained human proctors to monitor test-takers throughout their exam, ensuring a secure and equitable test-taking experience while also minimizing the amount of oversight required from TESU instructors and administrators.

Meeting Working Students Where They Are

Since most TESU students maintain full schedules that are not compatible with a traditional brick-and-mortar test center schedule, they required a flexible and convenient—yet secure—solution. Jacquelyn Rossetter, Associate Director of TESU’s Office of Test Administration, says, “We have a lot of healthcare workers and military students, so their schedules are all over the place. To have the option of being able to do what works for them and not just when a test center or library is open—I think it’s amazing to have that flexibility.”

Providing a Flexible and Customized Testing Structure

TESU has a truly unique semester structure. A new semester starts on the first Monday of each month, meaning they are continuously managing three terms simultaneously. Because of this, they needed customized scheduling options that allow testing windows to remain open longer than more traditional universities. On the topic of collaborating to find a solution that fits their needs, Rossetter says, “We’ve had a very good working relationship with [our account representatives]. With Meazure Learning, it’s always been, ‘What can we do for you?’ We don’t have to fit in a little box of how things must be done.”

Reducing Administrative Workload With 24/7 Support and Live Proctoring

All Meazure Learning remote proctoring service lines provide 24/7 live chat and technical support for test-takers. For those who are testing at 1 a.m. on a Saturday, for example, being able to access live technical support is crucial. If an unexpected roadblock or exam error does occur during a time when TESU administrators are off the clock, Meazure Learning’s proctors and test-taker advocates are trained to quickly resolve the issue with the student, then alert the university to the problem immediately. In Rossetter’s words, “Having Meazure Learning handle a lot of the first-tier technical issues that come up with students has taken a huge burden off our office and allowed us to do a lot more proactive work. Now, we’re able to do things and anticipate our students’ needs that we didn’t have time for before.”

Additionally, having a live proctor present to actively monitor all exam sessions optimizes exam security and significantly reduces the university’s post-exam review and administrative work. In a review of exams proctored over 12 months between 2021 and 2022, less than 1% required administrator review for potential cheating behavior.

The Overall Results

TESU’s adoption of the Live+ proctoring service produced positive results:

  • 93% of test-takers report being satisfied with their proctor.
  • On average, fewer than 1% of exam sessions require administrator attention.
  • TESU reports a significant reduction in technical issues and test-taker complaints.

“In the last 10 years, we’ve gone from having lots of problems with our testing programs to, now, very few. And most of them are not caused by the service or software and technology.

Jacquelyn Rossetter, Associate Director of TESU’s Office of Test Administration


Together with Meazure Learning, TESU built a customized, flexible, and convenient testing program that puts the needs of its students first. After a decade of collaboration and continuous improvement, TESU is more equipped than ever to serve its hardworking adult learners in the pursuit of their dreams.

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