Balancing Exam Security and User Experience: A Panel Discussion

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Striking the right balance between exam security and user experience is critical when it comes to online proctoring in higher education. Upholding exam integrity is non-negotiable—but so is fostering trust among your test-takers and ensuring equitable access to educational opportunities. Achieving this delicate balance requires clear communication, innovation, and a deep understanding of evolving assessment needs.

In this video, a panel of higher education experts debate questions such as:

  • What’s your perspective on the tension between exam security and a smooth user experience?
  • What’s the vendor’s role—and responsibility—in the proctoring process?
  • How do you balance competing user priorities?
  • How do you effectively capture the voice of the customer?
  • What strategies can be employed to help strike a balance between exam security and user experience?
  • How do emerging technologies affect this balance?

Join us as we explore the dynamic and delicate balance between exam security and user experience in online proctoring.