Meazure Learning Announces Partnership with Lineup

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The partnership provides credentialing organizations with a new way to automate the recruitment and management of subject matter experts.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., November 15, 2021 — Meazure Learning – a full-service provider of test development and delivery solutions – and Lineup Management Services LLC (“Lineup”) – a software company focused on the curation, management, and evaluation of teams and committees – are pleased to announce a new partnership.

Lineup’s namesake solution is designed to facilitate efficient team management, communication, and data collection for the staff, volunteers, and subject matter experts (SMEs) of credentialing and licensure organizations. Lineup simplifies team management processes by automating data collection, recruiting, email communications, and document tracking.

“Lineup is excited to partner with Meazure Learning to provide their customers with an enhanced test development solution that includes our flexible and secure volunteer management platform,” says Tom Warren, Director of Sales at Lineup. “Leveraging the Lineup software, Meazure Learning will offer certification program managers a unique comprehensive end-to-end solution that now includes an effective means to recruit, staff, manage, and evaluate committees that produce fair, valid, and reliable exam content and that reflect the diversity of practice for key stakeholder communities.”

For credentialing organizations, SME recruitment, management, and evaluation are integral to the test development process and necessary to ensure a high-quality exam. Lineup’s accessible and intuitive solution empowers Meazure Learning clients to build the best work teams possible and optimize SME performance. With Lineup, professional test developers can use the solution’s cloud-based platform to gain greater insight into the skills and abilities of their SMEs.

“Both Meazure Learning and Lineup respect and appreciate the important role that subject matter experts play in the development of high-quality examinations,” says Chris Beauchamp, Vice President of Psychometrics at Meazure Learning. “We’re excited to provide our clients with a tool that will help them easily find and collaborate with the best SMEs in their industry.”

About Meazure Learning

Meazure Learning – created from the merger between ProctorU and Yardstick – provides secure, reliable, and convenient test development and administration solutions for academic and professional credentialing programs. As the most experienced online proctoring provider and a leader in innovative psychometric practices, we believe testing requires a balanced partnership between human-first services and advanced technology. We empower our partners, test-takers, and industry through our mission to move people forward in their educational, professional, and personal lives. To learn more, visit us at

About Lineup

Lineup is a cloud-based solution designed to automate team management, communication, & data collection for your staff, volunteers, or subject matter experts. Lineup simplifies your team management processes by making your people-data filterable and actionable. Automate data collection, recruiting, email communications, and document tracking. No more messy spreadsheets! For additional information, please visit: