Meazure Learning Announces Acquisition of Scantron’s Certification and Licensure Business

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The company expands global scale and reach with addition of test center network and exam development services.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., June 28, 2022 — Meazure Learning, the premier provider of high-stakes online testing services for the higher education and professional testing markets, announced today the acquisition of Scantron Corporation’s Certification and Licensure business. The acquisition includes the Certification and Licensure business’s test center network, related assessment software, exam development, psychometric, and client services and solutions expert teams. The acquisition positions Meazure Learning for continued growth by augmenting its best-in-class remote proctoring with a scaled, global test center network and expanded exam development services, broadening its offering for the professional certification and licensure testing market.

Meazure Learning saw increased demand for its market-leading online proctoring platform when the COVID-19 pandemic forced test centers to close. Today, program owners want to provide test-takers the choice of taking exams securely in remote environments or in a traditional test center. A multi-modal delivery solution provides convenience and flexibility for test-takers to sit for an exam when and where they choose. Meazure Learning is meeting this growing market demand by increasing its existing network of 300 test centers in Canada to over 1,600 test sites globally with the addition of Scantron’s Certification and Licensure test center network.

In addition to expanding its secure delivery solutions, the acquisition will also strengthen Meazure Learning’s exam development and psychometric services. The exam development and psychometric team will double in size and more importantly, the combined expertise of the two organizations will give clients access to additional capacity, thought leadership, research, and innovative best practices.

“The acquisition of Scantron’s Certification and Licensure business aligns with Meazure Learning’s purpose of helping move people forward in their educational and professional pursuits.” said Tim McClinton, CEO of Meazure Learning. “The combination of our best-in-class remote proctoring platform and newly expanded global test center network provides our customers and partners with the flexibility, reach, and innovative technology to deliver an exceptional candidate experience and superior outcomes for test-takers.”  

About Meazure Learning  

Meazure Learning – created from the merger between ProctorU and Yardstick – provides secure, reliable, and convenient test development and administration solutions for academic and professional credentialing programs. As the most experienced online proctoring provider and a leader in innovative psychometric practices, we believe testing requires a balanced partnership between human-first services and advanced technology. We empower our partners, test-takers, and industry through our purpose to move people forward in their educational, professional, and personal lives. To learn more, visit us at

About Scantron Certification and Licensure  

Scantron’s Certification and Licensure business includes assessment development, psychometric, and client services from a deeply experienced and tenured team, state-of-the-art, proprietary assessment technology, and a global test center network. Built on more than 30 years of experience and leadership in the science of psychometrics, professional test development, and internet-based test delivery, the companies’ combined offerings will provide an enhanced set of products and services while continuing to provide the expertise clients have come to rely on. The Scantron Certification and Licensure business has a location in Morrisville, North Carolina. The additional assets of Scantron are not part of the acquisition and will continue to operate under the Scantron brand.

FAQs About this Acquisition

Q: What is happening?

A: On June 27, 2022, Meazure Learning acquired the Certification and Licensure business of Scantron. We are thrilled to add Scantron Certification and Licensure’s (C&L) more than twenty years of experience in professional testing to our growing business.   

Scantron’s Certification and Licensure business is a leading provider of professional testing services delivering a full suite of exam development and delivery solutions, including a global test center network, for professional testing organizations. We have been extremely impressed with their operations, services, and people, having partnered together over the past year. We are confident that by bringing our two organizations together, we will be well positioned to offer a broader set of solutions to our customers.

Q: When is the acquisition taking place?

A: Meazure Learning’s acquisition of Scantron’s Certification and Licensure business was officially completed on June 27, 2022. The public announcement was made on June 28, 2022.

Q: So, why did Meazure Learning acquire Scantron’s C&L business?

A: The blended offering with additional capabilities in exam development and psychometrics and the ability to provide a multi-modal delivery model is in direct response to what we are hearing from the market. This is an important development for Meazure Learning. Together, we will now be able to provide:

  • A fully integrated hybrid delivery solution. Our market leading ProctorU Proctoring Platform is integrated with the global scale and reach of Scantron C&L’s 1,350 test centers in 115 countries providing the ultimate in security, scale, and access. Test-takers will have the convenience and flexibility of taking their exams where and when they choose while test owners have the peace of mind that their exams are delivered equitably and securely. 
  • Enhanced psychometric services. Scantron C&L and Meazure Learning will combine their expertise in exam development and psychometrics, doubling the size of the psychometric team. As a result, our clients will have access to additional thought leadership, research, and innovative best practices.
  • Advanced Security Services. Both organizations deeply understand the importance of protecting your exam investments. We believe security must be woven throughout the entire assessment life cycle from exam development to post-delivery data analytics. Our security team uses advanced data forensics to identify and investigate widespread cheating and identify content that may appear in the public domain.

Finally, the two companies are a great fit. Our offerings are highly complementary, as are our cultures. We’re both committed to delivering the highest quality, most secure, and technologically advanced solutions and services for our clients. This acquisition will allow us to do that more effectively than ever. 

Q: Since Meazure Learning acquired only Scantron’s Certification and Licensure business, will you be changing or keeping the Scantron name?

A: We will be fully integrating the Scantron Certification and Licensure business into Meazure Learning, and that includes transitioning the brand name. We plan to convert the Scantron C&L brand to Meazure Learning over the next several months. The additional assets of Scantron are not part of the acquisition and will continue to operate under the Scantron brand. Stay tuned for more details in the weeks ahead.

Q: Where are Meazure Learning and Scantron’s Certification and Licensure businesses based?

A: Meazure Learning is a remote-first workplace headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. Scantron’s Certification and Licensure business is based outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, but will now be headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama as a part of Meazure Learning.

Q: How many employees does Meazure Learning have?

A: With the acquisition of Scantron C&L, Meazure Learning has 377 employees located across the United States and Canada.

Q: How many clients does Meazure Learning have?

A: Meazure Learning has 1,000 clients and partners across both the higher education and professional certification and licensure markets.

Q: How many test centers does Meazure Learning have?

A: The acquisition brings together Meazure Learning’s third-party test center network of 300 sites across Canada and Scantron C&L’s test center network of 1,350 sites in 115 countries to create a global Meazure Learning Test Center network of over 1,600 test centers to serve the in-person testing needs of professional testing programs.