How MuleSoft Adopted Online Proctoring and Boosted Accessibility While Hitting Aggressive Growth Targets

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MuleSoft is the leading unified platform for integration, APIs, and automation. MuleSoft empowers any company to quickly unlock and integrate their apps and data to create seamless experiences, faster. Each year, MuleSoft administers a high volume of 10 different certification and maintenance exams on an on-demand basis to test-takers with technical backgrounds, ranging from developers to engineers and web architects.

The Challenge

MuleSoft previously used a global network of test centers to deliver and proctor its online exams. Then COVID-19 hit. As test centers worldwide closed, MuleSoft pivoted to online proctoring, hoping to prevent significant disruption to its test-takers. But it wasn’t long before MuleSoft saw that its proctoring solution couldn’t keep up with the surge in exam volume.

At that point, MuleSoft realized it needed an online proctoring provider with the infrastructure, resources, and personnel to securely deliver its tests and maintain high quality at scale.

The Decision

MuleSoft put its trust in Meazure Learning’s ProctorU Proctoring Platform in April 2020. Georg Gottschalk, MuleSoft’s Vice President of Training and Certification, cited three key factors that influenced the decision:

  • System infrastructure that’s designed to make online testing successful
  • Integration capabilities that ensure a straightforward transition
  • Security layer that’s strong enough to protect high-stakes exams

“ProctorU [was] maniacally focused on secure proctoring. That was my biggest selling point because everything else is just a distraction.”

—Georg Gottschalk, Vice President of Training and Certification, MuleSoft

The Solution

Within eight weeks, MuleSoft integrated with the ProctorU Proctoring Platform and began using its Live+ service line. This solution employs trained and certified human proctors to launch exam sessions, continuously monitor them, and intervene if test-takers exhibit suspicious behavior. These efforts combine to protect exam content. To make sure test-takers have a positive and equitable experience, the proctors undergo specialized training in MuleSoft policies, such as exam start procedures, security measures, and test-taker interaction rules. They also receive test-taker briefings before launching a session.

As a high-stakes program, MuleSoft relies on the security processes of ProctorU’s Live+ solution to maintain credibility and prevent exam content theft. Says Gottschalk, “We really liked how ProctorU designed its entire system . . . around making online testing successful.”

Successful Online Proctoring Requires Human Expertise and Good Software
Certified proctoring and support staff Quality control measures
Specialized client success services Fulfillment coordination and speed
Flexible delivery methods Proctoring technology suite
Comprehensive exam readiness support Compliance infrastructure
Global end user support Continuous improvement


The Results

  • Achieved aggressive 2020 certification targets despite COVID-driven test center closures
  • Decreased the cost per exam
  • Fewer incomplete exams
  • Removed barriers to take exams in low-bandwidth locations
  • Gained productivity of certification and management teams

“Once we switched to ProctorU, our system was able to handle the volume again, and we caught up with the pent-up demand from the test center shutdown.”

—Georg Gottschalk, Vice President of Training and Certification, MuleSoft

The Takeaway

By investing in an online proctoring provider that could quickly scale while maintaining or improving exam integrity, MuleSoft was able to exceed its corporate growth targets, which were “very, very high,” according to Gottschalk. The results were impressive and confirmed to Gottschalk that MuleSoft had made a good decision in using the ProctorU Proctoring Platform. Now MuleSoft has a program that’s as agile and security focused as the IT industry itself.

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