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Whether you have a low-, mid-, or high-stakes exam, you need assurance that your test-takers will not only be treated fairly but also held accountable if they attempt to cheat. On average, 90% of test-takers who use the ProctorU Proctoring Platform indicate they’re satisfied with their proctoring experience in post-session surveys. We’ve been giving your test-takers the benefit of the doubt while protecting the integrity of exams since 2008, proctoring around five million exams per year at institutions around the world.

“I am often asked about online proctoring and I point out that the opportunity to have a true partnership with ProctorU [now Meazure Learning], and the ability to design a custom solution to fit the classroom is important.”

—Tawnya Means, Assistant Dean and Director of the College of Business’s Teaching & Learning Center, University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Save time while preventing academic misconduct.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing our professional proctors review every session. If suspicious behavior occurs, they validate its legitimacy before creating an incident report for you, which is timestamped for your convenience and delivered to your inbox within 24 to 72 hours so you can move on to the scoring process. What’s in it for your test-takers? They benefit from the convenience of testing anytime, anywhere. And because our certified proctors are highly trained and have access to your exam rules, your test-takers are guaranteed an equitable and secure experience with no unfair advantages.

The “Cost” to an Institution when Cheating Occurs

Now more than ever, it’s critical to prioritize the value of your exam content and the risk associated when integrity is compromised, such as monetary cost and loss of reputation/perception. In this video, Meazure Learning’s Dr. Ashley Norris, Chief Academic and Compliance Officer, describes various examples and studies related to online exams, cheating, and repercussions.

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