Yardstick partners with BioConnect identity verification and management

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BioConnect and Yardstick partnership will transform the online testing and training industries

Identify verification and management software ensures your learners are who they say they are

BioConnect is a transformative technology company specializing in identity management and biometric technologies. Through this partnership, Yardstick will be able to offer the added security of biometric identity verification to our high stakes testing and regulated online training services.

“The way we (and every other person in our society) communicate identity today is through usernames, passwords and ID cards. It’s really fragmented, inconvenient and also very insecure. We are seeking to tap into in a secure identity platform that will provide assurance of identity for our clients, partners and participants across all the channels that are critically important to Yardstick. Yardstick is leading the assessment and online training industry in regulated professions and we are very excited for the possibilities that we can uncover together.”. Chris LaBossiere, Yardstick Co-Founder and CEO

In regulated industries, assurance of identify is critically important. A username, password and ID card can be shared, borrowed, forgotten or even stolen. The flaws of the current identification system could mean awarding a license to practice in a profession that a candidate hasn’t rightly earned. In a world where fraud and negligence pose enormous risk to our reputations, we’re safer and more certain if learners are who they say they are. By capturing learners’ face, eyes, heartbeat or fingerprint, what BioConnect refers to as our Rightful Identity, their technology can help guarantee it. Beyond supporting public safety and security, BioConnect technology has the ability to enable consistent identity verification across platforms, streamlining how we manage, track and store personal information in the modern world.

For BioConnect, this partnership ushers them into a new industry, a giant step forward on their Quest for Rightful Identity. Ultimately, they hope the public will be able to track and manage a single identity across every market, from learning and testing to banking, social media and email.

Says Biance Lopes, Director of BioConnect’s Strategic Partnerships, “On our Quest for Rightful Identity we are specifically seeking out industry pioneers who dominate a core competency within an industry. Yardstick is leading the assessment and online training industry in regulated insustries and we are very excited for the possibilities that we can uncover together.”

Stop by Yardstick’s Booth #71 at the upcoming ATP Innovations in Testing Conference in Orlando, Florida, March 20-23, 2016 to learn more about how BioConnect and Yardstick are Advancing Examinations through Biometrics.