Testing Accommodations From An Online Proctoring Implementation Perspective

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Testing accommodations in theory is not always so simple in practice. Especially when it comes to online-proctored exams, a lot goes into ensuring a smooth experience for test-takers who require accommodations. Dr. Isabelle Gonthier and Dr. Ashley Norris tackle the very practical considerations when putting testing accommodations guidelines into practice for online-proctored exams.

Isabelle Gonthier, PhD, former President at Yardstick
Dr. Isabelle Gonthier earned her Doctorate in Experimental Psychology at the University of Ottawa and is highly regarded as a stern defender of psychometric best practices and exam validity and defensibility.

Ashley Norris, PhD, Chief Compliance Officer at Meazure Learning
Ashley has spent the past 15 years in higher education as both a faculty member and administrator across major institutions such as the University of Alabama, and has led thought leadership on ethics and integrity in education, continuing to spearhead those efforts Meazure Learning’s key initiatives on academic integrity.

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