SAES Partners with ProctorU to Protect the Integrity and Credibility of Augmented Engineers and Scientists

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ProctorU and the Society of Augmented Engineers and Scientists (SAES) announced today their partnership to deliver a revolutionary new human augmentation certification program. SAES was established in 2016 as a network of specialized professionals who use engineering and scientific techniques to augment human performance and experience. It is the first society of its kind with a mission to protect the public, the profession, and its professionals by assuring a stringent standard of competency with ongoing training and certification.

“We feel that this new certification program doesn’t just lend credibility in the field but it helps to define the science and ultimately makes everyone in the field better,” said society co-founder Dr. Richard T. Stone.

Society membership is highly selective as potential new members will be rigorously vetted based on their education, work experience and ability to pass the Core Certification examination, according to Stone. The certification curriculum and exam will be offered online with proctoring provided by ProctorU. Because SAES is international in scope, it was critical that candidates could efficiently access the program regardless of geography.

“The SAES Core Certification exemplifies the reason ProctorU is in business. They’re expanding access to knowledge and ensuring the integrity of their credential with a global audience,” said ProctorU CEO Scott McFarland. “We’re excited to be a partner in what this society is doing for their industry.”

Co-founders Tom Schnieders and Stone wanted to make sure their certification program was a proven way to measure competency. They vetted their curriculum with a group of renowned professionals, ran a pilot program to ensure the validity of their exam, and sought out an online proctoring partner that would protect the integrity of their credential.

“What really drove us to ProctorU is their ability to safeguard our intellectual property,” said Schnieders. “Their entire team has helped us realize our dream for what this certification can become.”

After two years in development, SAES officially opened registration and launched the Core Certification this month. As a testament to the society’s need and importance, over 4,500 scientists and engineers in the field have already expressed interest.

About ProctorU

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About the Society of Augmented Engineers and Scientists

The mission of SAES is to provide certification related to the application of both engineering and science in the domains of physiological science and engineering, cognitive science and engineering, biomechanical engineering, and biomedical engineering as it relates to augmenting human performance and human capability. SAES will protect the public, the profession, and its professionals by assuring a rigorous standard of competency with ongoing training and certification.