ProctorU Receives Second Online Proctoring Patent in Two Years – an Industry First

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ProctorU, the world’s largest online proctoring company, has received another patent; U.S. Patent 10,192,043, for their identity verification process. This is the second patent issued to the company for its online proctoring services in the past two years, an industry first.

“This is a huge win for ProctorU,” said Jarrod Morgan, founder & chief strategy officer at ProctorU. “With the technology behind this newest patent, we have further strengthened the most essential part of online exam security: identity authentication.”

In 2018, the company was the first to deploy artificial intelligence in conjunction with live online proctoring and has since amassed an arsenal of data to power its machine learning system valued by universities and testing programs all over the world. Technologies related to the second patent protect online professional testing and higher education environments from the risks of content theft and financial aid fraud posed by proxy test-taking.

“Proxy test-taking is a method of cheating where a test-taker actually hires someone else to sit for their exam. Proxy testing hurts everyone: the institution, the workforce, and the the affected industry,” said Matt Jaeh, chief technical officer at ProctorU.

“Our first patent was very broad and covered the essential parts of proctoring an exam online,” said Morgan of the patent issued in early 2017. The ten-year-old company has been an innovator in online proctoring since the beginning, and ProctorU is currently larger than its next two competitors combined.

With this additional patent, the company now has a growing portfolio of intellectual property protecting many of the techniques that have become industry standard.

About ProctorU

ProctorU provides a full suite of online proctoring and identity management solutions for education, professional development, and certification organizations. With patented, 24/7 on-demand live proctoring and a fully-automated platform, both backed by artificial intelligence, ProctorU offers a powerful, convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional test centers. ProctorU increases access to online learning while ensuring exam integrity and accountability for any test-taker with internet access using only a computer and a webcam.