ProctorU announces Blackboard and Canvas integration

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In an effort to maintain a simple and streamlined approach to online proctoring, we recently announced Application Programming Interface (API) integration with the Blackboard and Canvas learning management systems. The new approach will allow test-takers and institution administrators the ability to handle all aspects of the proctoring process without ever leaving the Learning Management System (LMS) environments users are already familiar with.

The ProctorU Blackboard Building Block and Canvas App, which will be available free of charge, require little setup for institutional technology teams. Once the LMS extensions are installed on the host format, administrators can create new exams in minutes. The API integration processes and sends ProctorU exam details immediately, eliminating the need for tedious email exchanges. Instructors also have the ability to edit these details after an exam has been created.

Having the ability to schedule exams and, if need be, pay for exams directly through the LMS, gives test-takers a more streamlined and simple online proctoring process. The ProctorU Building Block and Canvas App were designed with user experience and ease of use in mind, so even less tech-savvy folks will find it easy to register and complete their exam. If any problems occur, examinees have direct access to live technical support from ProctorU from within the LMS.