ProctorU and HFE partner to provide a new level of exam security and convenience for HFE certifications

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ProctorU, the world’s largest provider of online invigilation services, and Health and Fitness Education (HFE), a UK-based licensure program for fitness industry professionals, today announced  a partnership to remotely invigilate HFE’s OFQUAL-certified examinations. While COVID-19 continues to impact physical test centers around the world, this new partnership allows HFE to continue delivering high-quality certifications while maintaining exam integrity and test-taker safety. 

“It was apparent early in the escalation phase of the current COVID-19 pandemic that we urgently needed an alternative way to allow our learners to take their exams and achieve their qualifications,” Lee Cain, Managing Director at HFE said. 

“A remote solution was the only viable option but we had serious reservations about how we could ensure that exam results would reflect a learner’s true ability. Our professional reputation would be at risk if we were to get this wrong. We prospected with a number of invigilation solutions across the globe but until we road-tested the ProctorU platform, we weren’t entirely sure that we could achieve what we wanted to. The fantastic thing about where we are now, is that we have an altogether superior exam experience for our learners. They can literally take their exams securely anytime, anywhere.” 

This partnership includes a customized integration between ProctorU, HFE and SkillsLogic, a learning management system developer,  to create a unique and seamless testing experience for HFE candidates. Using a combination of artificial intelligence and human invigilation, ProctorU monitors HFE exams allowing a candidate to test from the comfort of their home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As more training moves online, being able to take certifications exams from anywhere is the perfect solution for HFE candidates. The examination process also meets the stringent quality requirements of OFQUAL.

“We are thrilled to provide health and fitness professionals in the UK with a convenient way to become HFE-certified,” said Scott McFarland, ProctorU CEO. “Secure exam delivery through online invigilation gives fitness professionals the convenience to test when they are ready without the health risks of going to a test center while also maintaining the value of the HFE credential.” 

About HFE

HFE is one of the UK’s leading fitness industry education providers with a portfolio of over 30 different exercise, fitness and nutrition qualifications, including personal trainer, Pilates and Yoga. HFE collaborates with SkillsLogic on all things digital learning, to ensure that their learners receive a diverse and superior digital learning experience. The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL) is a non-ministerial government department that regulates qualifications, exams and tests in England.