Five Ways Data Can Improve Your Program

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Utilizing the most comprehensive reporting available in the online proctoring industry

With access to new reports and analytics, you can make better data-driven decisions to increase your proctoring solution’s effectiveness. Our system tracks, analyzes and reports on data connected to test integrity, the test-taker experience, and technical issue resolution. We’ve provided data for individual exam administrations for years, but recently, we took it a step further by widening the scope of data administrators and exam facilitators can easily view. A new reporting tool, Performance Insights, provides a transparent review of what’s happening across all your exams. It also shows the metrics for your entire testing program against a global ProctorU average. You can now see how your exams compare to each other and how they compare to benchmark metrics across all of our partners

With this data at your fingertips, we’ve rounded up the top 5 ways you can use it to improve your online testing program.


Continuous improvement is a critical to ongoing success. With Performance Insights, you can see at a quick glance which elements of the testing experience have room for improvement. How? Here’s just one example: On average, 57% of exam sessions with a live launch have unpermitted resources removed before the exam begins. If you see an exam or department reporting higher than the average, that could be an indication of a few things:

  1. Maybe the test-takers weren’t adequately prepared for what is and is not allowed in an exam
  2. Perhaps the materials indicated in the exam settings did not encompass all the things you intended to allow test-takers to have available
  3. There could be a legitimate problem with test-takers attempting to gain an unfair advantage

To rule out the third option, you can easily see where active interventions or confirmed breaches are trending. If those metrics are trending lower than average, it’s likely an issue with test-taker education or the exam settings. We can then work with you to make any corrections in test-taker instruction or exam settings necessary.


Have you wanted to expand usage of online testing or online proctoring, but lacked the evidence to prove it works? With Performance Insights, administrators now have access to data that validates the performance and effectiveness of their online exams and programs. This allows you to easily see courses, departments, and programs that are excelling, giving you tangible evidence that supports the argument for online program expansion.

Prior to Performance Insights, we had a limited line of sight into the big picture experience for our test-takers using ProctorU. We wanted to ensure that we are setting up our students for success with ProctorU, so we’ve implemented a practice exam that will help provide them with the necessary preparation. Having access to the data in the dashboard will help us measure the success of this initiative, and provide us with insights into our program as a whole. This is something which will be very valuable to the leadership in our academic areas and will assist with stakeholder communications, change management and moving the implementation forward at scale

Kylie Day Manager, Examinations and Scheduling Learning and Teaching Transformation University of New England


Are you familiar with the old adage that you can’t please everyone? Unfortunately, that extends into testing and proctoring. If you’re an exam facilitator or administrator, we know you probably hear some complaints. Most people don’t love taking tests, but did you know that 86% of test-takers are satisfied or very satisfied with their ProctorU experience?

Now, when you hear a complaint, you can use our guided analytics to get the full picture of what happened – for all test-takers in the exam, for everyone across all exams on the same day of the complaint, or you can drill down into the individual session for the individual who reported an issue. Did everyone have a poor experience or just one test-taker? Was it a busy period driving up wait times? Did the individual have a technical issue? Maybe there is a legitimate concern or area for improvement. Or maybe the one test-taker just had a bad day. The bottom line? In a few minutes, you can validate or nullify a complaint and if necessary, put a solution into place.

About 12% of exam sessions require active intervention to prevent a breach of integrity. And about 0.4% of exam sessions have a confirmed integrity breach. In addition to seeing how your program compares as a whole across all exams, now you can easily see if an individual exam or department is exceptionally high (or low!) compared to the average. The Performance Insights can be used as a starting point in determining if there is an issue, and whether it is isolated or systematic.

The incident reports and accompanying data I receive from ProctorU are incredibly helpful in investigating potential breaches of exam integrity. The recordings, chat logs, screenshots and details make it very clear cut when we are deciding how to address the test-taker.

Rona Starr President & CEO APSCA | Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors


When we proctor an exam, we also take responsibility for your exams and your test-takers. We become the face of your program to the test-taker. We’re charged with maintaining exam integrity, preserving the value and credibility of an institution or testing program, protecting exam content, and making sure test-takers have a positive testing experience. While you may trust us when we tell you what kind of job we’re doing, our reporting tools provide complete transparency so that you can see the good and any challenges we may have for yourself. This provides a way for you to hold us accountable. That two-way accountability is what allows a client-vendor relationship to become a true partnership. As partners, we can do a lot more together to improve your exams and testing programs.

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