CNBC documentary explores the psychology of cheating

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CNBC is unveiling a new film next month that will focus on the psychology behind cheating. While the movie will primarily document classroom acts of academic dishonesty, it may provide an interesting look at the mentality of students that choose to cheat.

According to a press release from the cable network: “In this new documentary, students, administrators, parents, and teachers share their experiences with what’s known as ‘academic integrity,’ while experts provide insight into why students cheat. Those experts say it’s no surprise: kids see cheating going on everywhere today, from the world of sports and entertainment to Wall Street and beyond. The film also reveals the wide variety of techniques young people are using to cheat, including bribery and even sabotage. It all prompts an important question: what does all this cheating say about how important honesty is to our children… and to all of us?”