Caduceus International Publishing now Offers Online Proctoring from ProctorU

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Caduceus International PublishingCaduceus International Publishing logo (CIP), a leading provider of interactive health science curriculum for higher education, has partnered with industry-leader ProctorU to integrate online proctoring into all of CIP’s online courses. With the combination of live proctors and artificial intelligence, student identity and conduct during exams can now be fully validated.

“Our partnership and integration with ProctorU adds significant value to our existing products. Offering online proctoring during exams ensures security and learning integrity, which our faculty customers have been asking for,” said CIP President Ryan Fagerberg. “What’s more, CIP goes beyond traditional publishers, offering ‘concierge’ level personal support to both students and faculty. We will continue in this tradition by fully managing the proctoring process, from student scheduling to managing incident reports.”

All of CIP’s accredited courses, including its medical terminology course, now offer online proctoring for finals, mid-terms and other exams. Students are able to schedule and begin their proctor sessions directly from their course modules. CIP staff will manage and respond to any incidents reported by the proctors and involve school faculty and staff as appropriate.

ProctorU Live+ is the first live proctoring solution to combine human proctoring and machine learning in one solution, resulting in the most secure online proctoring on the market. A live proctor authenticates student identity, then launches and monitors the exam. Artificial intelligence supports the proctor by flagging potential cheating behaviors. Trained intervention specialists can then intervene when suspicious behaviors occur.

“ProctorU Live+ is the new industry standard for identity authentication and academic integrity. We are proud to partner with Caduceus International Publishing to bring the latest innovation in online proctoring to their higher education curriculum, making a college education more accessible and affordable for everyone,” said Scott McFarland, ProctorU CEO.

The new proctoring service is available immediately to any of the hundreds of institutions that already use CIP curriculum. New customer institutions looking for high-quality health science curriculum can adopt and rollout any of CIP’s six courses, with online-proctoring, in a matter of days. To learn more, visit

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CIP designs, publishes and markets innovative health science curriculum and online course materials to universities, professional schools, and health science centers worldwide. Our award winning, fully accredited and cost-effective materials maximize comprehension and retention, improve language skills, and increase communication efficiencies between professionals, all of which produces better health outcomes. We deliver customized meaningful content empowering learning for future health professionals. To learn more visit

About ProctorU

ProctorU provides a full suite of online proctoring and identity management solutions for education, professional development and certification organizations. With patented, 24/7 on-demand live proctoring and an automated platform utilizing artificial intelligence, ProctorU is a powerful, convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional test centers. ProctorU increases access to online learning while ensuring exam integrity and accountability for any test-taker with internet access using only a computer and a webcam.