Adjusting the Bar: The Science of Standard Setting

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Professional entry-to-practice examinations serve an important gatekeeping and public-protection role in our society. The outcome of such an exam can be life-changing, both for the candidates who take the exam and for the people who will ultimately be served by those candidates (e.g., a nursing candidate and their future patients). In this webinar, Dr. Scott Cassidy will take us “behind the scenes” and explore the science and statistics of examination standard setting.

Scott CassidyScott Cassidy, Ph.D., Senior Psychometrician at Meazure Learning
Dr. Scott Cassidy is a senior psychometrician at Meazure Learning and a teaching faculty member in statistics and industrial/organizational psychology at the University of Guelph. Dr. Cassidy consults with a wide variety of credentialing bodies and other organizations and helps them develop valid and defensible assessment strategies using a blend of research backing, organizational insight, and data science skills, which come from his combined background in industrial/organizational psychology and information technology.

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