Frequently Asked Questions

ProctorU, the world’s largest online exam security and identity-management company, is merging with Yardstick Assessment Strategies, a leading provider of innovative, practical, seamless testing solutions for professional testing programs. Effective immediately, the two businesses are fully owned subsidiaries of a new parent company, Meazure Learning.

By uniting ProctorU and Yardstick’s unique offerings, Meazure Learning is now the first full-service testing provider that leads with an online delivery model, and the only such full-service provider whose system is supported by ProctorU’s industry-leading approach to security and identity management.

Yardstick and ProctorU officially completed the merger on January 8, 2020. The public announcement was made on January 14, 2020.

The new parent brand is called Meazure Learning. However, ProctorU and Yardstick Assessment Strategies will remain distinct businesses serving two different markets, and the names of these two subsidiaries are not changing. Yardstick Assessment Strategies will be Meazure Learning’s brand in the professional credentialing and testing market, and ProctorU will be Meazure Learning’s brand in the higher education marketplace.

Both brands are well-respected in their respective marketplaces (ProctorU in higher ed, and Yardstick in professional testing), and as such there are no plans to change either company’s name. ProctorU will serve as Meazure Learning’s brand in the higher education market, and Yardstick Assessment Strategies will serve as Meazure Learning’s brand in the professional testing market.

Meazure Learning will be led by Scott McFarland, CEO, and Sandy Pitman, President. In addition to his role as CEO of Meazure Learning, Scott will also continue to lead the ProctorU business.

Yardstick will be led by Isabelle Gonthier, Yardstick President and COO. Isabelle will become part of the Meazure Learning Executive team.

ProctorU is the world’s largest online test-proctoring company. ProctorU provides a full suite of online proctoring and identity management solutions for education, professional development and credentialing organizations. With patented, 24/7 live proctoring and a fully-automated platform, both backed by artificial intelligence, ProctorU offers a powerful, convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional test centers.

ProctorU provides online proctoring for 2 million exams each year and has more than 800 active clients, of which nearly 200 are in the professional testing market. ProctorU is the largest online proctoring company in the world and 30% larger than its nearest competitor.

Yardstick Assessment Strategies is a testing organization that offers a complete spectrum of products and services for the professional testing industry — everything from full-service solutions to customized exam creation and deployment technology. Yardstick provides a full suite of solutions, including exam psychometric consulting services, industry-leading software platforms for exam delivery, exam creation, item banking, and exam scoring, and an exam administration and delivery network. Yardstick builds everything with defensibility and security in mind, partnering with subject matter experts, credentialing bodies, and regulators to assess and certify today’s workforce.

Yardstick has a strong Canadian presence and has built their solution to meet the needs of high stakes testing organizations throughout Canada and more recently have begun expanding into the United States. Yardstick works with 400 third-party test centers located throughout Canada, and has access to additional test centers via partnerships.

In recent years, both ProctorU and Yardstick have seen increasing demand for online testing solutions in the professional testing and credentialing markets – a market that is valued at $3 billion – and both companies independently recognized the strong potential for growth in this space. The online professional testing market is likely to grow rapidly in the next five to 10 years, as professional training and credentialing leaders continue to take advantage of remote proctoring’s increased flexibility for test takers, as well as its increased security and test integrity compared to traditional models.

Now, through this merger, Meazure Learning is equipped to deliver a complete, end-to-end online testing solution – incorporating psychometrics, test development, test delivery, secure proctoring, reporting and more – designed specifically to meet the demands of this market. The company’s full suite of customizable, leading-edge online testing solutions allows test takers to complete their tests virtually anywhere and at any time, while ensuring the greatest possible exam security. As the first full-service testing provider to offer a secure online delivery model supported by ProctorU’s AI-augmented exam security platform, in addition to a physical test center network, Meazure Learning is uniquely well-positioned to meet the evolving demands of this quickly growing market.

At the same time, the higher education market continues to grow quickly and has a lot of opportunities for future growth. As a result of the merger, the two newly formed business units, segmented by market, will each be able to have increased focus on revenue opportunities and investment opportunities to build the right solutions and operational processes to meet the specific requirements of each market.

Finally, in recent years, ProctorU has seen a growing trend for higher education institutions to provide entry level certifications in specific areas, IT, Project Management, Nursing and others, to ensure students have job specific expertise when they graduate. Certification programs are also creating more entry level certifications to attract new entrants into their field. As certifications continue to enter the higher education space, we will be uniquely positioned to provide the right services to both and a common user experience to test-takers.

ProctorU is based in Birmingham, Alabama, with additional offices in Pleasanton and Folsom, California. Yardstick is based in Ottawa, Ontario, with additional offices in Edmonton, Alberta, and Toronto, Ontario. Meazure Learning will officially be headquartered in ProctorU’s Birmingham, Alabama, office.

No, there is no plan to consolidate offices or relocate individuals as a result of this merger. We plan to keep all current offices open and operational.

ProctorU has 202 employees located across its three offices in the United States. Yardstick has approximately 50 employees, including employees in its three offices as well as remote workers.

ProctorU provides online proctoring for 2 million exams a year and has more than 800 active clients, of which nearly 200 are in the professional testing market. These professional testing clients will transition to the Yardstick business.

Yardstick has 90 clients. Some of them are full-service, while others use some combination of services offered by Yardstick. A large proportion of these clients are Canadian-based, with some in the United States and one large international client.

Through this merger, ProctorU will be significantly expanding the number of professional testing clients that it serves – but it will now serve its professional testing clients via Yardstick.

ProctorU already provides online proctoring for nearly 200 professional testing clients. These existing professional testing clients will transition to the Yardstick business (though they will continue to receive ProctorU’s services as part of the complete Yardstick suite).

Yardstick has 400 third-party test centers across Canada, with approximately 50 of these that are Tier 1 (high level and security). They also have access to additional test centers via partnerships.